Calvert-Grade 3

Grade 3

Deepening Your Child’s Understanding Across Subject Areas

Meteorologist. Map-maker. Storyteller. Citizen. Calvert’s 3rd Grade curriculum invites your child to “live the lessons” while exploring the world through Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.

With our detailed Lessons as their guide, third graders will:

➤ Explore the elements of narrative through the fables, folktales, and myths of diverse cultures.

➤ Understand how geography informs how we live by studying different regions and cultures.

➤ Study the three branches of government and the meaning of citizenship.

➤ Apply basic economic concepts in engaging projects.

➤ Develop logical reasoning and engineering design skills while investigating the principles of force and motion and the life cycles of plants.

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Grade 3 Courses Include:

  • English Language Arts

    Students read cross-curricular texts to increase subject knowledge and practice complex phonics concepts. They write daily and compose an advertisement about an extreme place to live.

  • Science

    Virtual labs provide an opportunity for students to practice gathering evidence and defending their claims. The Grade 3 curriculum weaves S.T.E.M. skills into lessons to spark a child’s curiosity about these fields. Students learn about plant and animal reproduction, inheritance, and life cycles by devising a plan to save the bee population.

  • Social Studies

    This year, students develop ideas for helping their communities and starting their own business. Project-based learning helps students grasp the concepts of economics. Students learn about civics by developing and implementing a community service project.

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