Calvert-Grade 4

Grade 4

Fostering Creativity; Applying Skills to Real‑World Problems

Our 4th Grade curriculum provides opportunities for students to exercise their creativity — writing original compositions, applying their growing math and science knowledge in innovative ways, and more.

With differentiation tips built into each lesson, teachers and learning guides will be able to adjust instruction to their students’ unique abilities.

With our detailed Lessons as their guide, the students will:

➤ Learn and apply the essential elements of explanatory/argumentative writing – from presenting evidence to constructing an effective, grammatically correct paragraph.

➤ Apply the properties of light, energy, and waves and a knowledge of Earth processes to solve real-world problems.

➤ Explore the ancient cultures of North America and our nation’s history from its founding through the Civil War period.

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Grade 4 Courses Include:

  • English Language Arts

    A shift toward explanatory/argumentative writing is marked by an increase in non-fiction reading. Students conduct research for an op-ed and then create an investigative journalism report for a news show.

  • Science

    Students apply their knowledge of natural earth processes to generate and compare solutions to determine the impacts of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Students employ the engineering design process to design, test, and refine a device to stay safe during a collision.

  • Social Studies

    This year’s focus is on the geography and history of early North America, the Age of Exploration, Colonial America, the American Revolution, and westward expansion up until the Civil War. Students create virtual museum exhibits to showcase the history of their state.

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