Calvert-Grade 5

Grade 5

Making Meaningful Connections Across Subjects

In 5th Grade, students will begin to draw meaningful connections between American History, Literature, and Geography as they read texts ranging from the Newbery award-winning Hatchet to the illustrated Explorers of North America.

With our detailed lessons, 5th-grade students will:

➤ Continue to develop strong writing skills, composing a short story, op-ed, narrative, and explanatory texts.

➤ Develop literary analysis skills while exploring themes, characters, setting, and conflict in texts chosen to engage your child’s imagination.

➤ Explore how the Earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere interact.

➤ Investigate the history of the U.S. and his/her home state from Reconstruction through the modern era.

See What's Included - Grade 5

Grade 5 Courses Include:

  • English Language Arts

    Students prepare for the rigor of Middle School by studying complex sentence structure and reading challenging non-fiction. They write their own sci-fi narrative and choose a topic for an opinion piece about issues that impact their community.

  • Science

    Students carry out investigations, design solutions, and generate fact-based opinions using observation and data analysis. This year, learners develop a plan to decrease air pollution.

  • Social Studies

    This year’s focus is on our nation’s growth after the Civil War—through World War I, World War II, and the Cold War and into the Modern Era. Students create interactive virtual exhibits to show their state’s history.

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